Large size - Weight 240g.


Our Naked Beauty range are pillar candles infusion with fruit extracts and essential oils. We only use vegetables for colouring these candles. We make them at home with love and every candle is hand poured, then decorated with dried fruit and vegetables (some of which are grown in our garden)

We don't use any artificial fragrances in our candle. Everything is natural and ECO Friendly giving our candles a mild scent. It takes up to 2 hours for the smell to fill the room. So please allow the candle to burn for 2-4h when burning for the first time. 

Our pillar candles have burning time for around 45-50h however they should be placed in a candle holder with walls so it keeps wax in place and allows candle to burn longer.  




  • Always put candles on a heat resistant surface.
  • Put them in a proper holder. Candles need to be held firmly upright by the holder so they won’t fall over. The holder needs to be stable too, so it won’t fall over either
  • Position them away from curtains. Don’t put candles near curtains or other fabrics – or furniture. And keep them out of draughts
  • Don’t put them under shelves. Make sure there’s at least three feet (one metre) between a candle and any surface above it
  • Keep clothes and hair away. 
  • Keep children and pets away. 
  • Keep candles apart. Leave at least four inches (10cm) between two burning candles
  • Take care with votive or scented candles. These kinds of candles turn to liquid to release their fragrance, so put them in a glass or metal holder
  • Don’t move them when they’re burning. Extinguish candles before moving them. Also, don’t let anything fall into the hot wax.
  • Don’t leave them burning. Extinguish candles before you leave a room. Never go to sleep with a candle still burning. And never leave a burning candle or oil burner in a child’s bedroom
  • Use a snuffer or a spoon to put them out. It’s safer than blowing them, which can send sparks and hot wax flying
  • Double check they’re out. Candles that have been put out can go on smouldering and start a fire. 



This product is made and sold by "Unique Unicorns". 

Naked Beauty - Lime & Lemongrass