Elizabeth Pepper


From the beginning of time, an obscure quality within the human spirit has sought the blessings for the three kingdoms of the earth — animal, vegetable and mineral. Whether they are simple or complex, rare or commonplace, beautiful or awesome, all three share mysterious properties defined over the centuries by occult traditions.

Here, in one slender volume, is an A to Z of the essential charms. From amber to the zodiac, from ankh to yin and yang, Elizabeth Pepper defines, describes and explains the uses of these key magical talismans, charms and fetishes.

Like Judika Illes' 'Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells,' THE ABC OF MAGIC CHARMS will appeal to people who are interested in magic, folklore and mythology and to those interested in the occult and anthropology.

This is an expanded and updated edition of 'Magic Charms from
A to Z'.



Pages 160

The ABC of Magic Charms

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