Awaken what lies beneath and unlock the beginning of your true potential!


This is our most complex, powerful, and demanding Ritual, and it aims to awaken and jump-start your Mystical Abilities. Whether these are Mental, Psychic, Divination, Magical etc. abilities, this Ritual will wake up whatever lies dormant within you.


The Optimum way to perform this Ritual is in person, but it can also be performed over distance with the use of Spell Bags and Totem connection.


The Awakening of Powers Ritual takes 9 consecutive days when performed in person, or 9 consecutive weeks if performed from distance.

If you would like to perform the Ritual in person, then you should either be in Scotland (around Glasgow or Edinburgh) or provide the Witch who performs the ritual with travel and accommodation to visit at a further destination.


We offer different types of Castings, so please choose the one you want from the drop down menu option before you put it in your basket.



Available Castings:

  • Ritual in Person (Witch Visit)

  • Distant Single Cast (by 1 Witch)

  • Distant Triple Cast (by 3 Witches) *

  • Distant Coven Cast (by 7 Witches) *


* The more witches, the stronger the spell will be as more practitioners pour their energy and use their skills at once, combined for a single purpose.




We tailor each spell to the individual's situation and needs, so not two spells are alike. The name of the “Listing” is simply a rough guide so we know what sort of spell you would like to be cast, then after you place your order we will discuss the specific details of it.

Our Coven tradition started in the late 1800s and our current initiates (12 witches) have a combined Spell-Casting experience of over 450 years between them with our youngest member practicing a little bit more than 15 years and our eldest having a spell-casting experience of over 60 years, in a variety of practices such as traditional witchcraft, hoodoo, Luciferian magic, Ancient Greek traditions, rootwork, etc.


What we Need from You:

  • Your Photograph (of your face)

  • Your Name

  • Your date of birth

  • Any personal information relevant to your intention that you would like